Teacher resources to end the school year strong

Teachers: the end of the school year is almost here! In the final weeks of class, students may be more focused on summer vacation than the syllabus. To help you (and your students) cross the finish line, check out our end-of-year resource roundup!

Self Quiz and Flash Cards (6th-8th)

May and June are often a time for end-of-year testing. Your students can study smarter with this self-quiz and set of flashcards! The self-quiz features a graphic organizer that will have them come up with a list of questions, and then test themselves on the answers. The flashcards are also a great way to review their knowledge. 

End-of-Year Writing Assessments (2nd)

When it comes to language arts, one way to assess student growth is through writing assessments. These two resources (one for Informational Writing and one for Narrative Writing) will have second-graders write an expositional essay or a narrative using engaging prompts. For extra guidance, each worksheet has a rubric that teachers can use as a jumping off point to grade student writing based on grammar, structure, and content.

End-of-Year Diplomas (PreK-5th)

Aside from all the testing and assessments, this time of year is also about celebrating each student’s hard work, growth, and accomplishments! Celebrate their achievements with these printable diplomas for Pre-K to 5th grade. Pro tip: print these out on heavyweight paper to make them even more special.

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